Showcasing another lovely, forward thinking ethical fashion brand on today’s Ethical Tuesday.

Alternative Fashion is an eco chic womenswear brand which launched in the spring of 2015. Designer and owner Alyssa Couture is also an eco fashion + style expert, and is dedicated to creating clothing collections with pieces that look beautiful, and make you feel beautiful.

The fabrics used by Alternative Fashion are all sustainable and certified organic, and the dyes used are all natural, low-impact dyes. The healthy fibers in cotton, for example, let your skin breathe, and don’t constrict you or hurt you like synthetic fibers do. The healthy fabrics promote balance.

Fast fashion is propelled by the use of synthetic fibers like rayon, polyester and others, because they are easier, cheaper, and faster to produce. Alternative Fashion values the effects of fabrics on your body more, and so uses fibers that are better for you.

‘Urban Ambience’ is Alternative Fashion’s newest collection, which Alyssa says is “an edgy, chic and modern take on the urban environment, with a zen-like and ambient mood. It is like the natural and urban environment balance.”

The Urban Ambience collection exudes a mix of modern and edgy style, as well as effortless, feminine glamour. Featuring a strong neutral palette, along with some beautifully bright pieces, the collection really embodies a mix of natural and urban, and will certainly accomplish Alyssa’s goal for Alternative Fashion buyers to feel beautiful, and to honor the Earth and their own bodies.

Alternative Fashion on City Girl At Heart (2)


Alternative Fashion on City Girl At Heart (3)


Alternative Fashion on City Girl At Heart (2)


Alternative Fashion on City Girl At Heart (1)


by Kristen Noyes


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Alternative Fashion, an Alternative to Toxic Fast Fashion #EthicalTuesday

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