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I was inspired and informed, met lovely ‘like minded’ bloggers and had a brilliant day.

This was my first Blogfest run by Mumsnet and I wasn’t disappointed.

My highlights:

  • Superb sparring between Labour MP Stella Creasy and  Toby Young of the Spectator in a dignified debate on the new Wild West that is the internet. Stella came out on top!
  • Thought provoking ‘Think Bombs’ from three awesome speakers that shed some light on how the internet and technology should be used to shape how we think.

– Professor Tanya Byron –  “Technology is the future. Children are our future. Teach them to use it wisely.”

– Dr Sue Black – Mums being tech savvy = savvy families = savvy communities. Dr Black talked about her Savvity programme that empowers women to be more tech-confident and how this in turn will raise confidence in all areas of life.

– Jon Ronson who told us about what happened when he tracked down academics who created a spambot called Jon Ronson that generates automated tweets. Check out the Jon Ronson v ‘Jon Ronson’ spambot – video and part two Incredulous and side splittingly funny!

  • Cracking yarns and tall tales: how to tell a better story  – I was captivated by wise words from wise women:

– Lionel Shriver – “Great writing is explaining something extraordinarily complicated with exquisite simplicity ” 

– A L Kennedy – “‘Writing proper prose is not easy. Get over it. Get on with it.

-Rosie Fiore – ‘The only way to learn to write is to write. Put the words down on a page and see if they fly” 

– Cassandra Parkin – “Write for yourself”

The ‘Can you be a ‘mummy-blogger’, and still be a feminist?’ debacle…has had a lot of Twitter air time and been blown out of proportion… in my opinion.

So here’s what I think:

It got off on the wrong foot with the ‘chair’ asking the panel for their definition of ‘a ‘Feminist’ but not their definition of a ‘Mummy blogger’ both are  labels that irritate me but in the this instant both deserved to be defined.

I am neither. I am a woman.

To then ask if a woman can be a feminist, make jam and wear high heels set the tone,  it was downhill from there. I believe Mumsnet aimed to provoke, push buttons and create debate and discussion but the panel (not the entire panel just a select few) chose to patronise. Words were misinterpreted and it ended up in slanging match! Atmosphere plummeted and what could have been an interesting discussion turned into a shambles..almost a sham.

If I were to define feminism then I choose Dr Black’s definition,

“Feminism is about women being allowed to be who they are *without judgement*

Actually I prefer her ‘autocorrect’ tweet –

“To me feminism is all about women being able to be themselves, regardless of who they ate ” Genius!

So will I go to Blogfest next year? Absolutely!

Will I go to any other blogging events? No, this one is just the ticket!

and Jo Brand I would like to be your friend….what do you reckon?





Why I loved #Blogfest

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