Why I decided to become a blogger

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Why I decided to become a blogger

So this is it, my first ever blog post…deep breath.

7 years ago my first daughter was born, it turned my world upside down and I lost myself. I live in France and the doctor put me on anti-depressants for 2 years. I was a wreck, with a business to run the general feeling was that I needed to pull myself together. I didn’t have anyone to talk to who really understood. I was surrounded by super mums who without meaning to made me feel utterly inadequate and incapable. My husband was my rock and I don’t know what I’d have done without him…at this point do feel he deserves a mention!

Gradually I clawed my way out of the pit and 4 years later I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter. I was scared but determined not to slip back in the pit. I know the warning signs now and have prevention methods I use that really help me.

By fighting back and doing things that I enjoyed before I had children I am a better Mum and a better person. I love my family and enjoy family time but I do struggle. I’m no earth mother! What I have learnt though is that there is no ‘right way’ to be a Mum and you need to find your own way.

I hope my blog will connect with parents like me. Some days are a series of events I need to get through before I can sit down with a big, fat glass of wine. It’s not wrong to admit that. I also hope to inspire, guiltlessly, that enjoying life without your children is ok.

So that’s enough of the deep stuff……. 

Hoping for lots of comments..you can also email me –  citygirlatheart73@gmail.com




  1. Couldn’t agree more!
    Congratulations on getting your message out there – too many of us just hide in the bottle!
    (2 hrs and counting to 1st glass of wine of the day :) )

  2. Welcome to blogasphere. I’m a bit of a newbie too, but only wish I had twitter when I had my first child – best therapy ever! For every supermum, there is an equally ‘non-earth mother type struggling to make sense of it all’ believe me, I am one too. Look forward to reading more. x

  3. Doing things I did before the child helped me, and makes me a better mum as I get to be me for a time and not just mum. we all need a release and no matter how much we love our kids, everyone had a life before them and that doesnt stop.

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! I warn you now -it’s rather addictive!

    If you need any help or advice just holler x

    • Congratulations on the new blog!! I love your wnitirg style, you are so true it’s almost like I know you well I do, but not in real life, lol!!*Cheers*

  5. Welcome. I am very new to this but have found so many wonderful blogs to read.


  6. Welcome to the world of blogging! Cannot wait to read more!


  7. Oh i love your blog already. We all know an Alpha Mum that makes us pale in comparison. Long live the Normal Mummies!

  8. Welcome x

    Looking forward to hearing all about you :)

  9. Hiya, welcome to the blogging world :) look forward to seeing more posts x hope your blog brings you lots of happy times x

  10. Welcome to the blogosphere looking foward to reading more

  11. Hi *waves like a loony*, welcome to Blogville. I’m still fairly new at this too, but it’s great fun and there are some fantastic mummy bloggers out there. Looking forward to your posts.

    And a big well done on sharing your story. I think you’ll be surprised at how many of us can relate to you.


  12. hello and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :) looking forward to more of your posts x

  13. Great 1st post! Think you’ve struck a chord with many like-minded parents :)

  14. Mammasaurus is right.. it is so addictive! Welcome!

  15. I’m glad they make large wine glasses! x

  16. Many thanks for your very kind tweets about my blog! I am in France too, in the Charente Maritime……maybe you are close by? Good Luck with blogging, I only started 9 months ago and I LOVE the interaction with others……I have even met some of the bloggers I chat to online too!
    Karen recently posted..Fish on Friday with Posh Salmon Fish Fingers & ChipsMy Profile

  17. I don’t understand it but I hear PND is a terrible illness & quite common. I do know that becoming a parent is an incredible shock to the system & just can’t be prepared for, a totally life-changing event. Glad you’re over it. Good to see a shout-out for the Dad too!
    JallieDaddy recently posted..Saturday is Caption Day!My Profile

  18. have tagged you in a Meme to give you a chance to be discovered by others, please feel free to join in or ignore as you see fit Elaine

  19. can’t add anything constructive except to say – GO YOU! YOU ROCK!
    helloitsgemma recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

  20. Look forward to sharing some stories…

    Sounds like you’ve got a good one supporting you too.


  21. Dead indited written content, Really enjoyed reading through.

  22. Love your blog- heard about it through Sarah at Partyofseven! I’m totally with you about the ‘being a mummy needing time alone big glass of wine’ scenario. We’re all in this together xxx
    Emma recently posted..Hotels with Kids…a whole new world!My Profile

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