Blogging for two months…what’s it all about?

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Blogging for two months…what’s it all about?



Two months ago I wrote me first blog post.

So how’s it going? Well, it falls into three categories for me – Adorations, Obsessions and Frustrations.




  • Researching and writing my posts
  • Reading other blogs
  • The friendly, social, virtual community I have joined
  • Micro blogging on twitter, I started tweeting the same time I started my blog. I feel like I’m making friends on twitter which I find amazing when I don’t know actually know and have never met anyone I’m following or who’s following me.
  • Learning new stuff every day about blogging, social media


  • Looking at my stats way too often on google analytics and buffer. Tweeting a new blog post with a link, seeing that 8 people have clicked on that link comments! I’m trying not to take it personally but self doubt creeps in. Why? Is it enough that my blog is being read, or is the fact that I’m not getting comments because the post is rubbish and not worth commenting on?
  • I think about my blog all the time, I want to be working on my blog all the time. It’s TAKING OVER!


  • Etiquette – One of the first blogs I discovered was ‘Mommy loves Vodka.’ Interestingly she is pretty much the only blog I follow that has been going longer than a year. This gal’s been blogging for eight years! She’s got to know what she’s talking about. She wrote a brilliant post  - Blogging for dummies. This is what I have been using as a guideline to get me started. She says ‘if you want more comments then comment till your fingers bleed’ I have been doing exactly that. There doesn’t, as yet, appear to be an etiquette – I leave you a comment so you comment back. I am not deterred.
  • Time-wasting - I see other great blogs and think I would like some of their snazzy stuff on my blog. When I try to put it on my blog it takes me an age to work out how and then it messes something else up. I need to discover the inner geek that I am sure must be there..somewhere…deep inside.. and in the meantime..just keep trying, reading, learning….
  • Social Media – Twitter, I get it it and totally understand the relevance of how it can drive traffic to my blog. Facebook, don’t get it at drives me nuts –  why ‘like’ someone? Anything I try and link it to it only works with the FB account that I have to also have for the FB page to work…Grrrr. not giving up on it yet, but don’t think it will be long. Aside from those two there’s so much more! Do I need a schedule? How much time do I actually have to spend on social media and is it more important that I concentrate on my blog and producing quality posts for now?
  • Niche – I am a mum and I blog so that puts me straight in the ‘mummy blogger’ niche. I am on ‘tots 100′ and  ‘mumsnet blogger network’. I’m even going to Brit Mums LIVE. I don’t really blog about family life though. So am I a fraud? Do I need to un-niche myself? There are so many things I’m, theatre, art, vintage, Food, fitness, finding brilliant bargains in charity shops….I want to blog about all this stuff. I follow blogs that blog about all this stuff. Parent- ‘vintage loving’ blogs, parent – ‘music’ loving blogs….Is this what I should be looking to do? Do I need to be more niche?
  • Memes –  I’ve been tagged quite often. There are some I like..the photo ones mainly. The others, for the most part, I find boring to read. Some blogs I read are just one meme after the other. Blogging is a personal thing, if that’s what your into then go for it but that’s not what I want my blog to be about.  I feel bad that I’m not joining in, that as a ‘newbie’ I should be up for everything?….should I?

So,  clearly my frustrations are outweighing my adorations at the moment.

As of today..right now..I am going to chill out with it all (a bit) …go with the flow.

Taking heed of Auntie Becky’s advice.

I am writing my blog for myself, not for others

I have now read a lot of blogs. Discovering new blogs every week. There are some blogs that I now visit regularly because they are brilliant. If you enjoy intelligent, interesting writing, beautiful design and humour then check out my newly compiled blogroll. You won’t be disappointed. More will be added as and when come across more  ‘Bl#*dy brilliant blogs’







  1. After reading this I couldn’t leave without leaving a comment. I share many of your frustrations too and no I don’t think you should un-niche yourself, I personally find parent bloggers more interesting when they blog about other things too. I have found myself blogging about my mummy adventures more and more and forgot that actually my online space was originally set up for me – the person behind the mum label that I am every day. Sometimes I have written for my audience and I kind of kick myself when I do. I have thought about starting a new blog but it has taken hours to get my blog how I like it and I don’t think my inner geek could manage it again.

    I like that your blog stands out and I admire frank writers too, I wish I could take a leaf from your blog but I made a mistake of sharing my blog with family and friends and now I kind of have to censor it.


    • Thanks for your comment. I hope I haven’t bullied readers of my blog into thinking they better leave a comment or otherwise she’ll get the ‘ump! I think you should write for your audience though it’s just trying to work out who your audience is I guess :)

      • No I didn’t feel bullied, I had to comment as I agreed with what you were saying :), thanks for your lovely compliments on my blog by the way – at the moment I cannot reply to each comment (too much HTML editing)

  2. Blooming brilliant post! I am five months in and share many of your views here – not least about Facebook, grrr! I so want to just quit Facebook, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it.

    Niche – I think it is good to post about what you want to post about – your blog name doesn’t limit you. I am a parent and a blogger, but it doesn’t mean I want to read endless posts just about parenting and I don’t want to post endlessly about parenting – that’s why I chose my blog name.

    Etiquette – I respond to every single comment I receive on my blog, I feel most comfortable doing things this way. I also try to get round everyone who takes the time to comment and read their blog, plus leave a comment if I genuinely have something to say. That way, I think that at the least they get traffic and at the most, the pair of us get to build a blogger relationship. I have to say, there have been times when I’ve left a really heartfelt comment on a post and it hasn’t had a reply from the blogger and I’ve then felt regretful that I left it. Maybe I am too sensitive – or maybe I am unrealistic, because I can still manage to reply to every comment.

    Memes – I have mixed feelings about these too. Some I love to do, but many I have done just because I don’t want to let down the tagger and it is nice to be included. That’s why I thought long and hard before starting my meme, I wanted to do something that I thought was important and and that would also add value to everyone’s blog in the way of content. Hopefully I’ve achieved that.

    Anyway, this is possibly the longest comment I’ve ever left. But hey, this was a great post and I couldn’t help pouring out my thoughts.

    Oh and finally thanks for the tip re Mummy Drinks Vodka, hopping over to have a read! recently posted..#silent sundayMy Profile

    • It’s so good to hear back from other bloggers who share some of my views on blogging. Makes me feel a whole lot better about it. I agree about replying to comments. If readers have taken the time to write a comment you should return the courtesy by replying. That’s why I have added the plug in ‘commet luv’ to my blog (something I actually worked out how to do all by myself!) as a way of saying thank you. Your meme was a worthwhile meme. It was why I joined in. I wanted to hear other mum’s views and situations on work. You should be proud of what you achieved with it. As for Auntie Becky – ‘Mommy drinks vodka’ – what a legend!

  3. A brilliant post. It just about sums up my feelings about blogging. I’ve been doing mine for a year now and it’s completely addictive. I’ve met so many lovely and supportive bloggers – and learned so much along the way. I’m going to Brit Mums Live too so it would be lovely to meet up there. PS. And I feel SO honoured to be on your blog roll. It’s made my day!
    House With No Name recently posted..Bettys – the top tea place in the landMy Profile

    • That’s great you’re going to Brit’s LIVE. Will really look forward to meeting you there. So glad I made your day being part of my blogroll. My blogroll wasn’t something I wanted to include in my blog straight away, I felt I needed to get a feel for it all first. I felt it was important to include the blogs I returned to again and again because I enjoyed reading them :)

  4. Great post, completely agree with all of it! I’m in the same boat with the niche bit. Everyone keeps saying, “find your niche” but I don’t’ want to! I want to write about a variety of topics and whatever takes my fancy! I’ve also wasted loads of times trying to make my blog all fancy pants and high tech. However I’ve noticed that some of the longest running blogs are really simple with nothing in the side panels and a completely white background, I suppose it just makes it easier to read. Great post, great blog.xx

    • It’s true the simple, uncluttered blogs are easier to read and grab your attention because of that to. It’s so easy to clutter them though. The niche bit is tricky but like you I don’t want rules at the moment even if I’m imposing them on myself! Let’s both just write what we hell with it. I like your name change though, hope you’re happier with it..much better than the name ideas I put forward! :)

  5. You are your own niche. No one can blog about you and your life like you can. A blogger is more than their blog, especially mummy bloggers – we don’t come from nothing to talking about nappies and tantrums. We have a background with art, and music, and jobs, and past loves, and everything else in between. If I wanted endless, faceless parenting advice, there are plenty of parenting websites available. Great post and was exactly how I felt after a few weeks of blogging. You will feel differently again in a few more weeks. Good luck, and just do what you want to do. :)
    Troubles Mum recently posted..How to make a woolly pom-pomMy Profile

  6. Thanks for your comment. I feel like I’m past stage one of my blogging journey. It will be interesting to see how I feel in another two months. Good to hear it’s kind of the norm in blogshere though! :)

  7. This is a gorgeous blog and clearly doing very well! I’ve been slack on my reading list at the mo and clearly have NOT explored it properly as was SHOCKED to discover it was only 2 months old.

    2 things I know for sure about blogging:
    1) It’s VERY personal
    2) The best blogs stick to what they do best.

    So seen as you’ve already figured that out, I think you’re going to be fine!
    Frances recently posted..The best things in life are… SimpleMy Profile

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. I think you’re right I need to blog about what I know and am passionate about, otherwise what’s the point! :-)

  8. You’re doing a fab job on your blog. No need to un-niche whatsoever.
    I found myself nodding wholeheartedly to everything you said in your post.
    When I find that my blog intoxication (checking stats, shortage of post ideas, lack of comments etc) is reaching an unhealthy level, I switch off. Literally go on a detox.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more of City Girl At Heart!

    • Thanks for your support. I need to schedule myself a regular blogging detox. Had a weekend away from it last month and it felt good. The key to stopping it TAKING OVER :)

  9. This was a good read since I’m just starting out! Appreciate it.

    • Glad it helped…new bloggers need to support each other :-)

  10. A great post that I can relate to. Leaving more comments on other blogs is a good way to increase traffic and comments on your own. I’ve been receiving your posts by email since you commented on a recent post of mine ‘Misfit’ which was my own personal rant about feeling like I don’t really fit into this world of blogging!

    Your blog is great, just as it is, keep up the good work!

    Ju’s musings on life recently posted..Easter weekendMy Profile

  11. Thanks for your comment. We’re definitely on the same wave length regarding blogging! Maybe we don’t need to fit in? You carry on with your great blogging too :)

  12. I think you should blog about exactly what you want to and don’t worry about fitting into anyone else’s ideas of a niche. Good blogs are good blogs irrespective of their subject matter, it’s about the quality of the writing and finding your ‘voice’.

    I sort of agree about comments, but I also know that there are only so many hours in the day, and I work as well as look after children, for me blogging is somewhere in between work and hobby. I often read blogs on my phone, and commenting on that is a pain, and I know lots of others are the same. I appreciate getting comments, but I’m not always great at reciprocating. Keep plugging away and you’ll get there. I speak as someone with a new blog (which you’ve very kindly put on your blog roll) and an older blog that I’ve had for a few years, so I can sort of see both sides of it!
    Victoria recently posted..Little darlingsMy Profile

  13. Thanks for your comment. I agree with you about comments though. The new me is going to carry in regardless. I only comment on blog posts I have read, enjoyed and have something to say not just..’Great post’ what’s the point in that. I would imagine that blogging isn’t a full time occupation for many and finding a balance between work, family life and blogging…commenting would be bottom of the list for most..and rightly so.

  14. Just two months? Seriously? *Picks herself up off the floor*. I shared at lot of your frustrations and adorations at the beginning and I still do, truth be told (that Facebook thing about having to have an account for your page drives me nuts). Life gets in the way too much for me to get obsessive about my blog now but totally get that too. You might find your feelings change over time. Keep going!
    Bod for tea recently posted..Gina Ford’s ToddlerMy Profile

    • Thanks for your comment. Will definitely keep going and I’m sure you’re right – my feelings will change

  15. Love you blog!! I’ve just started back blogging after a LONG break and have forgotten virtually everything and after reading this post i agree with you completely – you read my mind and i’m totally with you on the memes – i used to dread getting them out of fear of offending people if i didnt respond.
    wifeofbold recently posted..How do you solve a problem like MiaMy Profile

    • Thanks for your comment. Think a lot of bloggers feel the same about memes!

  16. Thanks for this blog – I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and can totally relate to the frustrations and obsessions bit! I only started my blog last week, I am finding that my whole week has been centred around ideas for blogposts….obsessed, moi?! Your site is fantastic! Mine is very basic and I am clueless as to how to improve it. Maybe you can share some tips when returning from the Britmums conference….

  17. Hello!

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for a couple of weeks now! Life has been hectic!

    As a new blogger myself I totally agree with most of the comments you wrote. I’m definitely going to check out the ‘Blogging for Dummies’ post!!

    I think my main difficulty is keeping up with the social media, reading posts, leaving comments, let alone going out and finding more “like-minded” bloggers! It’s in the “need to get better at” list!

    Regarding niche, I have had the same thoughts. And I think we are similar in that we blog about all sorts of things – mine’s a Guide to Modern Living – and we don’t live in a Niche!! I say open up, then you’ll attract different people for different reasons, and that can’t be a bad thing!

    Memes – this is one area I have not gotten to grips to, but frankly, I’m OK with that! If I’m having trouble keeping up with blogs I am definitely won’t be able to keep up with memes!

    Whatever you do keep blogging because you’re one of my favourites!! You’ve inspired me to add a list of favourite bloggers on my site as well!

    x Gertie


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