My Mum called last night with a list of things that we need to bring for our ‘Christmas stay’ Top of the list a Christmas CD that must include ‘Rockin around the Christmas tree’ and ‘Santa Baby’ My Mum hates music so she must be feeling festive! I tried to explain that you don’t use CDs anymore but she still listens to the ‘wireless’ so it fell on deaf ears. I assured her it would be ‘sorted’ and dutifully got on with the task.

Easy peasy with Spotify. “What’s your favourite Christmas song” I shouted up the stairs to hubby. No hesitation “Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you”

disclosure: Honestly he normally has great taste in music so don’t judge.

On the list went Mariah

“What’s your favourite Christmas song” I asked the youngest. ‘Little Donkey’  – was tricky to find a half decent version but it’s on the list

“What’s your favourite Christmas song” I asked oldest ‘One Direction’  – haven’t done a Christmas number…yet. Not on the list..phew!

A bit of Bublé, Cliff, East 17. Putting a festive playlist together with a glass of red- I was starting to feel a tad nostalgic.

I was back in 1984 with my Christmas Our Price voucher ,would I choose Band Aid ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ ( no 1 in the charts) or Wham ‘Last Christmas’  (no. 2 in the charts)?  I went for Band Aid and played the single over and over again on my new record player at our New Years Eve party till everyone was sick to death of it and I knew every word.

I watched the video on youtube with my 8 year old feeling the need to educate her about music but she was more fascinated that her Mum, who normally can’t remember anyone’s name knew every single person in an ancient 30 year old video.



We also watched ‘Last Christmas’ with George Michael pretending to be straight rollicking around in the snow with a demi-waved brunette. Daughter is rather taken with this Christmas classic and was blasting it from 7am this morning over and over  till she knew every word….chip off the old block 😉

So here’s Nana’s Christmas Playlist:

which also includes a  few gems taken from 6MUSIC morning show’s #PeoplesPlaylist this morning. If you’d like to hear more of my playlists come and find me on Spotify georgieb7191


Christmas Playlist for all the family!


The thing with Christmas music I love all the festive tunes during Christmas but as soon as it’s over I don’t want to hear another note  for 12 months.

Merry Christmas all




A Christmas Playlist for ALL the family

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