Today’s #BEDM theme is Compliments and the ‘best compliment you’ve ever received!’ 

“Surely I can’t brag on the blog about all the wonderful compliments I’ve received over the years,” I thought ,when I read today’s theme. I’ll have to skip this one.

Actually I can’t think of any I’ve received! Although I’m sure my Mum has said I’m good at something at some point and I’m pretty sure my husband said he liked what I was wearing about two years ago…

One thing I have never been complimented on are my baking skills.

A baker needs patience and precision, skills I lack!

I normally only make cakes for my girls birthdays and my ‘fail safe’ chocolate cake recipe was one of my first blogposts.

Next Thursday I’m hosting a ‘Tea and Cake for Charity’ event in my garden.

I will be taking part in RIDE100 on August 4th. I got a place in the ballot but my dear friend who I coerced into signing up with me didn’t. She needs to raise £600 for a wonderful charity called CLIC Sargent and of course I am helping her!!!

So rather than just pester people to sponsor me I thought I’d offer them tea, cake and garden full of toys for their little munchkins to play in return for a donation.

Wonderful idea (why oh why did I start this) but now I’ve promised cake I need to make cake so have been browsing Pinterest for much needed inspiration…..

Really fancy having another attempt at cupcakes


Lavender Cupcakes?


Too poncy….


Sweet and Simple Cupcakes






















Sweet they may be, simple they won’t be

Dainty Cupcakes?


Too fiddly

Spring Cupcakes?


Look radioactive will send the kids loop the loop!

Or how about a pleasing Carrot Cake?..Mmmm one of favourites


Last time I tried this one I grated all the skin off my knuckles whilst grating carrots!

 This Chocolate Cake looks AMAZING!!


Ok starting to get carried away and need to be realistic I will bake cakes people will eat, enjoy and not choke on

A simple lemon sponge

8f7a27053bd829ae0037c16b7b9b2abc (1)

I can do this (as long as I stick to the recipe)

Chocolate Muffins


Easy Peasy!

Stick with what I know and maybe I might receive a compliment! 😉

Clearly I’m hoping peeps will bring the above cakes along with them…a contribution!..that’s what you’d do …right?


Compliments for Cakes! #BEDM

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