Join the Fashion Revolution 24 – 30 2017.

For an Ethical Fashion Crusader this week is possibly the most important week of the year!

April 24th 2013 –  1130 factory workers tragically lost their lives and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex in Bangladesh, where people were earning a living making clothes, collapsed.


This is way too many people to lose from our  planet in one factory on one terrible day to not stand up and demand change.

Fashion Revolution Day  – Who Made My Clothes?

Fashion Revolution Day April 24th  has become Fashion Revolution Week. An opportunity to use our consumer power to change the industry. For the last three years on Fashion Revolution Day people have united to ask brands “Who Made My Clothes” because transparency is the first step to change the industry.

We still do not have enough information about where and how our clothes are made. As shoppers we have the right to know that our money is not supporting exploitation, human rights abuses and environmental destruction. How can we hold companies and governments to account if we can’t see what is truly happening behind the scenes!
Transparency is essential!

Four years on… is the fashion industry changing for the better?

We are beginning to see that some companies are beginning to make a real effort while others have a long way to go.

The Fashion Transparency Index

The Fashion Transparency Index aims to track the fashion industry’s progress towards greater transparency, ensuring that together we are pushing for more information and better practices.

The top scores do not mean that the company has a fully transparent supply chain or is acting beyond its policy commitments. Whilst these companies should be congratulated for providing more information about their practices and products than most, there is a long way to go before any of the companies included in this Index will be able to fully answer #whomademyclothes

Stay away from the high street

There is still so much to do to change the industry. This week I am showcasing some amazing small brands using innovation and cutting edge design to create products you can trust will tick all the transparency boxes!

Watch this space….

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Fashion Revolution Week 2017

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