Laura ZABO Sustainable Vegan Fashion is an innovative, creative independent brand making unique jewellery and fashion accessories from scrap tyres.

Laura was inspired on a trip to Africa where she fell in love with the handmade and brightly painted sandals made from waste tyres. Hundreds of millions of tyres are discarded each year and their disposal represents a major global problem. By finding fresh, new, environmentally friendly ways to recycling tyres we will become more economically and environmentally attractive, leading to the reduction of the large stockpiles of tyres and the creation of revenue and employment.

Laura is doing this..and some! I can’t believe the beautiful pieces she is creating from tyres..utterly mind boggling!

Laura ZABO sustainable jewellery


Laura ZABO upclycled jewellery on City Girl At Heart


These are my favourite pieces of upcycled jewellery but Laura also creates belts, dog accessorises, bags, mirrors, guitar straps.……100% eco-conscious

This is feel good fashion at its best and makes my heart sing! More please…we need SO much more and passionate creative entrepreneurs like Laura that care about our planet and want to make a difference deserve to be a success!

During Fashion Revolution Week I want to help spread the word about amazing small ethical brands like Laura ZABO!!

Disclosure: Laura sent me the gorgeous Curly jewellery set made out of upcycled inner tubes for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and words are as always my very own 





Fashion To Change The World! Laura ZABO Fashion Accessories Recycled From Tyres – Fashion Revolution Week

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