Well I’m glad to see the back of February, never my favourite month but when it’s over I feel I’ve made it out the other side and we’re on the up from here on in!

When the weather forces an outdoors gal in it’s music that keeps me going and making playlists is one of my favourite things to do.

Music to suit a mood and make memories.
I love discovering new gems and unearthing unexpected old treasures too and this playlist has them all.
Hippo Campus with their rock-pop Vampire Weekend-ish sound is my favourite find this month and their debut album, unleashed last week is a corker.
Last month saw the welcome return of Missy Elliot. Her new song “I’m Better.” features Lamb and yep she’s better, she’s better. Can’t wait for the documentary coming out later this year about her career and impact.
There were also a couple of important musical anniversaries for me last month. One of my favourite and most played albums Baduizm by Erikah Badhu celebrated its 20th birthday and it was 23 years since I saw Nirvana, at the pinnacle of grunge, play one of their last ever gigs in Grenoble. Two months later Kirt Cobain who would have celebrated his 50th birthday last month passed. A talent lost way too soon.

Wrap your ears around these 28 terrific tunes for 28 days:

February 2017 Earworms




February 2017 Earworms – 28 tunes for 28 days #Playlist
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