We are actually having a winter this year and I am loving it! It reminds me of living in the Alps, that odd but rather wonderful feeling when you breath in through your nose and everything tingles and freezes. Rather than relentless, dreary days of rain and grey skies that roll from October to March we have definition;  cold, crisp, beautiful days. It’s actually enjoyable to be outdoors wrapped up in so many layers that you can only waddle but the icy air on your cheeks make you feel alive! Then back home to peel off those layers and cosy up in thick socks and PJs in front of a roaring fire. Let’s face it there are plenty of crap things to moan about at the moment but the weather, for once, really isn’t one of them.

I’m fully embracing it and finding my cosy! Who doesn’t love throwing on their jim-jams as soon as they get through the front door or not getting out of them at all in the morning! Onesies don’t do it for me or big fluffy dressing gowns that go up in flames if you get too near that open fire. It’s about how it feels on my skin and light to wear I don’t want to end up a sweaty mess and feel like I’m dragging a dead body round. My favourite new thing is this 100% organic woven cotton dressing gown from Sleep Domi.

How are you finding your cosy this winter?




Here are some of my favourite winter photos more on my Instagram feed:




Would love to hear from you if you know of any sustainable start ups or established ethical brands you think need a shout out on my little corner of the web!



Finding My Cosy

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