It can be incredibly difficult to fit health into your day-to-day life. In between a full-time job, kids and seeing friends, you can often feel as though there’s no time to sleep, let alone fitness and health!

Even if you can’t fit in a couple of hours at the gym, there are other things to do to ensure you are giving your body all the love it needs!


So this is kind of a given, right? We all know we need to fit exercise into our daily routine, but sometimes it’s easier just to put it off until tomorrow. Well, it’s time to stop putting it off and developing a routine which works for you!

I love Pilates, as I get older my joints are getting creakier and it keeps me supple!  but it’s not for everyone.


You don’t need to be on a super-strict diet constantly to keep your body in shape. As long as those occasional treats really are occasional, you don’t need to deny yourself anything. There are also certain foods which you can bring into your everyday diet to help improve your health.

Super foods – here’s a handy list of them – are not only delicious, but have far more benefits than simply helping you hit your daily calorie intake. For example, blueberries are a fantastic source of antioxidants as well as vitamin C, so they’re perfect to snack on during your afternoon cravings. Meanwhile green tea can help reduce bloating and lowers the risk of cancer!

Be organised

In order to ensure you’re taking all the necessary measures in keeping your body healthy, you’ll need to keep organised! Likeliness is you’ve learnt some fantastic organisational skills from work, so it’s a simple matter of bringing these into your home life too.

By keeping a tally of your hard work and effort will inspire you to carry on and can instil a really great feeling of pride. Plus, if you give yourself a target and actually hit it, you can treat yourself to some new shoes or a day at a spa!

Natural beauty treatments

We’d all love to half shelves of designer skincare and beauty products, but very few of us could actually afford that! Luckily, there are some really great natural beauty remedies which can be made at home for next to nothing

Honey has many great properties for the skin and so makes a fantastic base for many face masks, especially when combined with yogurt! Meanwhile, if you’re a blonde bombshell, make sure you incorporate fresh lemon into your shower routine to keep it bright without spending over the odds on violet shampoo!

Sunshine and blue skies are so motivating long may the summer continue!!


Disclosure – The post was written in association with Dance Direct

Fitting health into a hectic lifestyle

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