Guest Post by Emma from a UK charity who are changing the lives of women and children in Bangladesh. They are now looking at expanding the scarves into a fully trading business for the charity so read their story and spread the word!

The UK based Sreepur Village, Bangladesh’ funds and oversees ‘Shishu Polli Plus’ (translated as Childrens Village Plus) a small non-political organisation based in Sreepur, rural Bangladesh. SPP works with destitute mothers and their children to give them the health, knowledge and skills they need to function independently in society. At the moment over 150 mothers and 540 children are supported by SPP. As a grass roots organisation we respond to local need and run other related programmes such as supporting vulnerable (eg trafficked or abandoned) children and fostering. We provide safety, a loving environment, food, clothing, education, and vocational training so that the people who come to us can look forward to independent lives in their communities.

While they live with us, some are trained on how to use hand and foot operated looms on which they make beautiful scarves and on some they hand embroider patterns. They also make shoe bags with hand embroidered shoes on them; and they also make greetings cards and bookmarks, along with various other bits.  All of the materials used are ecofriendly – all dyes are natural. The scarves are made with a blend of cotton, some with a blend of wool or silk.

Embroidered Products (7)


We pay them a small allowance each month plus a compulsory savings scheme where we put money in a bank account so that they have funds when they leave.

You can purchase the scarves, shoes bags and other products by emailing me at for more information.

Handmade Scarves By The Women Of Sreepur Village, Bangladesh #EthicalTuesday

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