I love to hear from people passionate about ethical fashion. Louise recently got in touch. She has just set up an online store called Kalaida selling ethically sourced, pre-loved fashion and accessories. Louise is a firm believer that ethical fashion is the only way to buy clothing and her one true love is Vintage and pre-loved fashion! She is a one woman show and I am delighted to showcase Kalaida on today’s Ethical Tuesday and spread the word!

Over to you Louise:

Kalaida Ethical Style

















Kalaida is a kaleidoscope of design adhering to sustainable ideals. Our aim is to bring you, fresh design with great ethics for women and men. We promise to the best of our ability that all our items are ethically sourced, using the best materials possible. We believe that you should not have to choose between good design and good ethics, it should be a given! We are very much a promoters of local design and production. It’s important to us that local design and talent is encouraged and nurtured.

Kalaida Ethical Style 2













These beautiful fisherman knits are an example of Beautiful local design. A collaboration with Krenow Knitwear and Antiform, David knits these sweaters for the fishing community in Devon and Cornwall. When he decided to retire he approached Antiform to develop knitwear with all his remaining yarns. The result is a collection of traditional fishing jumpers made from a collection of beautiful UK yarns. Each jumper is UNIQUE.

Kalaida has three sections to the website

Ethical Aesthetics:-Ethically made brands that we have carefully chosen for their great ethos and most importantly great design.

Sunburst bangle

















Sunburst bangle- This lightweight, slim bangle is made from Perspex and wood, and features an engraved sun ray motif. Eye-catching and easy to wear. made from wood that is FSC approved, and all off cuts are recycled.


Kalaida skirt made to order



























pre loved fashion Kalaida


























Pre-loved- We really support the idea of reusable fashion. There are so many beautiful garments in the world already so why not re-use them. We have carefully handpicked beautiful pre-loved and vintage contemporary pieces that will give a special lift to anyone’s wardrobe.

Kalaida Ethical Style 3













Our main aim is to help get Ethical Fashion into the main stream by giving people the chance to own great design pieces at a fair price to them and the people who made them. It is up to us the consumer to change our ideals when it comes to consumption in the fashion industry. Every little change we make to the way we shop will contribute to people’s happiness. Kalaida will continue to source out new talents and bring you beautiful design with the idea of people’s happiness in mind….


If you would like to be featured on Ethical Tuesday please email citygirlatheart73@gmail.com


Kalaida -ethically sourced fashion for both Guys and Gals #EthicalTuesday

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