The way in which we choose to communicate and the tools we use to do it are constantly changing and evolving. Once upon a time if you wanted to get in touch with someone immediately the only option was to pick up the phone. Now even SMS text messages are becoming old ground as free internet based messaging apps have come to the fore.

For most of us, our home based consumer internet connections are suffice for sending an email or uploading a post to Facebook. However, in the corporate world the bandwidth received with your typical consumer broadband simply isn’t enough.

Take for example a company that has an office in London and one in New York, the likelihood is that they will use video conferencing or internet telephone on a regular basis. Therefore, they need something fast, something reliable that isn’t going to slow down or indeed cut out at peak times.

…This where leased lines come to the forefront.

A leased line is essentially a dedicated line that links two remote locations together. As the line is dedicated, the bandwidth you need is reserved for your use only and will not slow down during peak times. This is essential for important video conferencing calls which play a key role in communication in modern business.

There are also many other benefits to a leased line for corporations, for example it allows them to upload data at the same fast speeds they can download it. This can be useful if you need to upload sizeable files to the company website. Leased lines allow staff to access their work desktop from home and can also be used to back up sensitive data such as company investments using online services. Check out this page for an overview of the benefits using a leased line brings to the table.

Of course, if you are happy with the speeds offered to you on your home broadband then that is most likely because it delivers everything at a speed you require it to. Therefore the idea of installing a leased line may seem pointless – as you can see here there are advantages and disadvantages to both broadband and leased lines.

In the end it is up to the user to decide which option suits their needs best.

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What is a leased line and who uses them?

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