On this week’s Ethical Tuesday post I invited TOAST to spill the beans on #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES They sadly haven’t got back to me. Can’t say I’m surprised but I did really hope they would!

Today on Fashion Revolution Day I’m asking BIBICO the same question but happily I know the answer this time!


City Girl At Heart Ask Bibico Who Made My Clothes


When BIBICO started their little clothing company they knew it was essential that the people who made their clothes were paid a fair price for the work they did and that they worked in a safe and healthy working environment.

Currently they  work with two women’s cooperatives that are both fair trade certified by the WFTO. The cooperatives provide women with training, education and work, empowering them to move themselves and their children forward and out of the world of poverty.

My hand embroidered dress is from the BIBICO denim days collection  made by a fair trade cooperative in Mumbai, India. The cooperative works with women from poor and under privileged backgrounds providing work as well as offering counselling. Read more about it here

BIBICO fair trade denim dress


Fair trade clothing from Bibico




Ask the brand Who Made My Clothes!



Marking Fashion Revolution Day 24th April

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