I Love the Radio.


I love that in the internet age where there are so many gadgets to choose from and receive information and entertainment, radio remains a very human medium – essentially because it assumes we can use our own imagination.

Television is all  – lights, cameras, action! With radio, there’s less to get in between the listener and the broadcaster. I love the intimacy of it, the feeling that the show is for you alone,  broadcasting on a very human scale.

Radio fits into my day perfectly. I can be working, cooking, driving, sorting my kids out and listening (sometime with half an ear… but still listening) my ‘multitask medium’

6Music is a my favourite radio station with  brilliant DJ’s. It is only on digital radio so I listen to it online through my computer but must get myself a DAB radio so I can listen to my favourite station anywhere in the house.

Love the vintage style digital radios. This one would do nicely!



 TODAY – Radio 4- 6am-9am – kicks off my radio day


This is my news fix. I start the day having the ‘heads up’ on what’s going on in the world.

Highlights – Evan Davies’s wit and warmth. Sarah Montague, incisive, accurate and can put John Humphreys back in his box – always a joy! Nick Robinson’s review of ‘yesterday in parliament’ you can hear the twinkle in his eye 😉


9am – 10am – Desert Island Discs – Radio 4

The format is simple: each week a guest is invited by Kirsty Young to choose the eight records they would take with them to a desert island.

(Repeat on Friday) Tomorrow’s guest is Russell Brand. Can’t bear the bloke but it’s going to be a corker and intrigued to hear his chosen 8 tunes!


9am – 10am – Reflections -Radio 4

Peter Hennessy, the leading historian of modern Britain, asks senior politicians to reflect on their life and times. In each week’s conversation, he invites his guest to explore what influenced their thinking and motivated them to enter politics, their experience of events and impressions of people they knew, and their concerns for the future.

This has been a great series. Listening to Lord Tebbit as I write this post. Fascinating stuff!


10am – 1pm- Lauren Laverne – 6music

A cast of colourful characters, epic tunes and genuinely great guests. I ADORE this show and have previously blogged about how I want this gig! Check it out here



Struggle slightly in the afternoon. Switch from 6 music to Radio 2. I enjoy the Jeremy Vine show 12-2pm but depends on the subjects being discussed. I really enjoy listening to sport on the radio and tuned in every day to Wimbledon on 5LIVE watching the evening highlights show on TV. The matches really came alive on radio.



I rarely listen to the radio in the evening unless I’m in the car. However, I did tune into Zane Lowe meets Jay-Z still available to watch online or if like me you prefer ‘for your ears only’ try on a podcast  -well worth a listen.


My Favourite Radio Show is –

Broadcasting House Sunday 9am with Paddy O’Connell. I actually call it the Paddy O’Connell show!

News, discussion & a few gags. The Sunday papers & the BH quiz. If  ‘Deadpan Paddy’ wasn’t presenting I wouldn’t be listening! I used to love him on Liquid News ten years ago.

Highlight – Interviewing his roving reporter ‘John Humphreys’ at Glastonbury


It is the simple pleasure of listening to the radio that I find so satisfying and I will always be a fan.


‘Video Will Never Kill The Radio Star’


As for claims by marketing men that it just isn’t ‘sexy’ enough, I leave the last word to Marilyn Monroe:


Marilyn radio quote























Disclosure- this post was written in association with John Lewis. All thoughts and words are my very own! 🙂




My Radio Day!

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