A few years ago I discovered a brand selling ethical footwear that seemed to tick all the sustainable boxes!

Po-Zu – Shoes With Good Sole

  • Ethical footwear made with natural materials  – cork, coconut fibre, latex, organic cotton, pure wool tweed and chrome-free leathers.
  • Minimum waste  – Nearly all waste products are recycled including fabric off-cuts and water.
  • Solvent free  – No harmful toxic used that could pose hazardous health risks to factory workers.
  • Fair wage & working conditions –  everyone involved in the creation of their shoes is treated with respect and considered part of the extended Po-Zu family]
  • Supporting charitable causes – They pledge 10% of their net profit to charity.

Read more about the Po-Zu ethical promise here 

So far good right? There’s more good things you need to know about ethical footwear brand Po-Zu since I discovered them.


I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of RESISTANCE HIGH-TOP SNEAKERS to review.

Po-Zu RESISTANCE HIGH-TOP SNEAKERS reviewed by City Girl At Heart


Check out this video to see how they are made in one of the factories in Portugal.



I love high tops and these are fast becoming my most loved pair. I’m a massive Star Wars fan too and wearing my Resistance beauties makes me feel more powerful than I could possibly imagine 😉 or was that Obi-Wan. They are ridiculously comfy too due to the 7mm thick natural latex & cork foot mattress and currently in the sale for £79 reduced from £95.

This is the thing with beautifully crafted shoes and clothes made ethically from sustainable materials, they come at a price. A price that is reasonable and justifiable because all the costs are covered.

Fact: Fast Fashion isn’t covering the true costs. The social and environmental costs. I recommend watching The True Cost  A documentary film exploring the impact of the global clothing industry on people and the planet. It will change the way you feel about the fashion industry…I promise you.

The only issue I have with my Resistance High Top Sneakers is how I’m ever going to prise them off my 13 year old who has the same size feet as me!



Ethical Fashion blogger City Girl At Heart reviews Po-Zu Star Wars Collection






Ethical Footwear from Po-Zu – Rebellions work!

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