What wild weather we’ve had in East Sussex so far this week!

Yesterday with the wind properly howling  I felt like one of the three little pigs holed up at home thankful that mine was the house made of bricks!

Today is another day, a different day. On the school run the wind had dropped and the sun was shining.

Have a ton of work to get through today but got home, threw my running gear on and hit the hill!

To blow the cobwebs away for half an hour would sort my head out and help me focus!

With some motivating tunes in my ears and my Bausch & Lomb soft contact lenses in my eyes I had that lovely feeling of freedom I get from exercising and being in the great outdoors.

I’ve only been wearing contact lenses for five years what a nightmare it was doing any sport before with my specs on.  I’m blind as a bat so I had to but now I’m a contact lense converter I’d never go back.

It’s great to have a pack of day soft lenses on hand too for when I go away or have a night out. Sadly it’s not often these days but the last thing I want is the hassle of taking my eyes out and putting them in solution over night if I come home a little ‘worse for wear’

So run done feeling very worthy and ready to knuckle down to some hard graft!!!


Sunshine run























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Sunshine Morning Run

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