JACTO is a sustainable jewellery brand from New York who sees beauty in ocean waste and repurposes unused fish bones into one of a kind pieces.



Jacto is the brain child of former shoe designer Melanie Maggo who hooked up with sustainable fisherman Poull Brien to make jewellery and accessories from discarded fish skin and bone. Their innovative creations help eliminate waste and bring new meaning to a precious resource.

I love their beautiful yet menacing works of art and was lucky enough to be gifted this gorgeous necklace handmade from barracuda teeth. Barracuda are typically an incidental catch from commercial fishermen targeting other species. These lesser-known fish are generally sold to market or used as bait and their beautiful jaws and teeth are typically thrown away. Well not this time! A piece of jewellery is something to own forever and has the power to make you feel unique and special. This necklace is no exception…I LOVE it!


Jactco eco jewellery on City Girl At Heart


How I love this environmentally friendly product made in America with such a great story. Unlike today’s story that isn’t so great but so bloody scary I have sunk into a dreamlike slumber probably due to being awake since 4.30am watching the misery unfold. The saddest thing of all being that I’m sure Hilary would have sealed the deal if she has a penis!




Hooked on JACTO. Sustainable jewellery from the sea

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