Being a mother is never easy. We want to bond with our children, be their friends and have fun together. But a parent’s job is also to discipline a child and show them right from wrong. You want your children to feel that they can come to you with any issues, and speak freely to you. That’s why it’s important to build a strong friendship with your children. Spend quality time together, learn about each other’s likes and dislikes. This will help you secure a firmer bond.

You want your child to have fun, and create playful memories that they will look back on as an adult and smile. But you need to ensure that your child is being sensible and doesn’t come to any harm. This is where the mother figure comes into play. You need to teach your children the importance of basic safety, but not in a way that appears nagging to your children. Carefully explain to your children, in terms they will understand. The reasons for the precautions you are making them take. Make your children aware of any hazards so they can be more self-aware and on the alert for any potential accidents or dangers.


There are times that you will need to discipline your child. Without this, you risk your child not understanding the repercussions of doing wrong. The law allows parents to smack their child where it amounts to “reasonable punishment”. This may not be the best technique for you. Smacking is quite controversial and everyone has different views on it. What may work for one family, won’t necessarily work for another. There are less extreme methods such as the naughty step or corner. Making your child take time out to think about their actions. You can even confiscate one of their favourite toys for a specified amount of time.


Keeping a good balance also depends on you; the parent. You need to make sure that you can remain calm when your child is misbehaving and dole out the appropriate punishment. By being overly stressed in work or other aspects of life can affect your parenting decisions. This can see you either overlook bad behaviour due to tiredness, or to over react. It’s important to take time out to yourself. Find yourself a quiet place of your own to relax. Get yourself a book, a TV or a tablet perhaps. You could relax with a couple of games at if that’s something you enjoy.

There are many guides and techniques out there in books and on websites. Every family is different and it can take time to find the most effective method of parenting for you, but don’t give up. It isn’t an easy job but it’s the most rewarding one in the world.

This post was written by Amy Charles


The perfect balance of friendship and discipline when being a parent

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