Sometimes it’s nice to dream. Today I am dreaming that my husband will take me out on a date to celebrate our love this Valentine’s Day. It falls on a Sunday this year and he knows I won’t want a roast which is all that ever seem top be on the menu on a Sunday. No this will be special he’s planning to book a restaurant the Friday or Saturday night…or a slap up lunch?  It will be a beautiful restaurant with a staggeringly expensive menu. I will of course need the perfect outfit to wear for the perfect date with my perfect man.

A spot of online luxury ethical wear window shopping is such fun….

Here is my dream date lunch look:

City Girl At Heart's Lunchtime Luxury Ethical Look


STELLA MCCARTNEY ‘Wilson’ floral shirt  and embroidered jeans from FarFetch Online Boutique 

“I design clothes that are meant to last. I believe in creating pieces that are not going to get burnt, that are not going to landfills and that are not going to damage the environment. For every piece in every collection, I am always asking what have we done to make this garment more sustainable and what else can we do. It is a constant effort to improve”…Stella McCartney


And the dinner date look:

City Girl At Heart's dinner dateLuxury Ethical Look


EDUN embroidered neck sleeveless dress from FarFetch Online Boutique

Founded by Ali Hewson and her husband, the singer Bono, the aim of Edun is to promote trade in Africa by sourcing production through-out the continent.


The high end luxury eco-fashion movement really feels like it’s gathering steam following the lead of pioneering brands like Stella McCartney and EDUN. It’s inspiring to see brands committed to advancing both the social and environmental aspects of sustainable development

FarFetch are currently working on improving the numbers of sustainable brands they include on their luxury online boutique. Just last month a group of their buyers visited a sustainable fashion fair and are now in conversation with many different eco-friendly brands, so hopefully I’m excited to see this number increase very soon.

Watch this space ethcial fashion crusaders!

And as for me will I go on my perfect date wearing my perfect outfit? A girl can dare to dream 😉


Two Ethical, Sustainable Looks For Valentine’s Day

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