When I was invited a few weeks ago to take part in the Wrigleys Chew O’clock Challenge I was sceptical to say the least! I’m pretty anti sweets and try hard to keep our house a ‘sweet free’ zone.

However, after doing a bit of research I soon realised that chewing gum post school snacks could actually be a quick and easy way to keep my girls teeth in mint condition!

Here are few stats for you to chew over and maybe you’ll be onboard too!

  • 23% of British mums are unaware of the impact of after-school snacking on oral health
  • 50% of mums have difficulty getting their kids to brush their teeth more frequently
  • Less than half are aware that chewing sugar-free gum is a quick and easy way to keep their youngsters’ teeth in mint condition.

I am definitely guilty of all the above

So, with this research as backing, Wrigley is launching the Chew O’clock Challenge, a new campaign that calls on families to chew sugar-free gum together every day at 4 o’clock. Leading the campaign is fellow mum Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Dr Nigel Carter, the CEO of the British Dental Health Foundation

Dr Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, says:

“Post-school snacks are an increasingly common part of a child’s everyday routine and, as a dental profession, we now regularly see the effect this is having on their oral health.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that snacks can be just as damaging for teeth as main meals. And while brushing for two minutes, twice a day is still the best way to keep teeth clean and healthy, chewing sugar-free gum in between can be extremely effective in breaking down lingering food, neutralising harmful plaque acids and reducing the risk of decay.”

My girls came home from school and couldn’t believe their luck when I offered them a piece of strawberry flavoured sugar-free chewing gum. They are going to love this challenge and if it stops their teeth rotting then so am I!

Sophie Ellis Bexter ambassador of the chew o clock challenge

























Disclosure: We received 2 complimentary boxes of wrigleys chewing gum so we were fully stocked up to take part in the challenge!




We’re doing the Wrigleys Chew O’clock Challenge!

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