I write a lot. For me and for others. I love it but do feel I need to hone my skills. Skills what skills?? Well quite!

Been checking out Write Stars they could be what I’m looking for…what I need.  “Anything to do with words we can help” they say

… home of luxury writing workshops and expert writer-support and training. We have Fleet Street journalists, university tutors, prize-winning authors, creative writers and an Oscar-nominated screenwriter – all ready to help you work towards publication. We’ll edit, advise and mentor – by post, phone, email or face-to-face at our author-led workshops.

Saturday they are holding an erotic fiction masterclass – ‘Passion on the Page’ at Kettners in Soho with successful author Katherine Garbera. Sounds fun and lets face it if E L James can do it with 50 shades maybe I should have a crack at it and become the next Girl with a one track mind ;)

Watch this space!



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